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16 May 2009 @ 11:29 pm
The Past Three Days  
I've been doing pretty well. High energy level the past few days. I'm getting a tattoo of "Carpe Noctem" (Seize the Night, in Latin) on my lower back on Monday so need to keep my eyes on the prize of losing weight. I get to see my boyfriend again soon... and I'll be 10+ lbs thinner!!!

I spent like twenty minutes in the candy aisle at Walgreens today looking for a sweet fix. No popsicles or sugar free s**t. I figured sweetarts were the best. No fat which means no calories from fat and only 150-175 cals for the entire roll. Skittles had 240 for the pack PLUS fat and StarBursts were even worse.

Alrighty so as to what I've been eating...

Thursday May 14:
Slimfast (180)
Crackers (180)
Pretzels (110)

Friday May 15:
Slimfast (180)
8 oz Sirloin (427)
Corn (76)
Biscuit (133)
Salad (30)
Dressing (109)
Pretzels (110)

Saturday May 16:
Slimfast (190)
Salad (420)
Sweet tarts (175)
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