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14 May 2009 @ 02:18 am
Since Thursday...  
Alot has happened. I'm taking a new medication, and I'm cleaning the house like a crazy girl until I go back to college. It's like the only thing to do around here. Been writing down what I eat everyday in my little Hello Kitty notebook with matching pen. I dunno, I just eat less if I write down what I consume.

I'm going to get my first tattoo this weekend (Carpe Noctem which means "Seize the Night" done in victorian style script with embellisments on my lower back). I feel unusually chipper lately. It's nice.

And what I've been consuming as of late...

On Friday I had:
Slimfast (190)
3 Slices of a 12" Pizza (816)
Popsicle (15)
Grapefruit (32)
Popsicle (15)
Frozen Peaches (75)

On Saturday:
Two eggs, sunnyside up with minimal fat added (185)
Rye bread (80)
Slimfast (190)
Gum (10)
Sandwhich (330)
Cereal (220)

On Sunday:
Slimfast (190)
Green Curry with Rice (700)

Monday... something happened. I was diagnosed with ADD and have been taking Adderall since that date:
Slimfast (190)
Frozen Pizza (420)
Slimfast (180)

Slimfast (190)
FiberOne Snackbar (150)
Popsicle (15)
Apple (55)

Slimfast (190)
Cereal (220)
McDonald's Southwest Salad w/ Southwest Dressing (420)
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