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07 May 2009 @ 12:37 am
Comme ci, Comme ca  
Snack Bar (100 cals)
Slim fast (180 cals) + Apple (55 cals)
Slimfast (190 cals)
Grapefruit (32 cals)
Pizza (420 cals)
Grapefruit (32 cals)
10 Hot Tamales (75 cals)
Grapefruit (32 cals)

TOTAL: 1116

Not terribly good, not terribly bad. I've been craving Chinese food and Thai food all day (specifically fried dumplings and green curry).

Might try and take a walk tommorow morning with the poodle <3 Like a half hour to an hour so I could justify getting something like chow mei fun or steamed dumplings for dinner. Maybe even a small portion of green curry.
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